It is our passion and privilege to help you become the best you can be. Below is a list of services and products we offer to help you make your business stand out. To see examples of projects we have done please visit the Our Works section of our site.

Search Engine Optimization + SEO

Graphic Design

/ Branding Projects

Traditional Marketing

Event Marketing


Digital Marketing

Marketing & Digital Consulting

Virtual Tours

Marketing & Sales Automation

Reputation Management


Social Media

Public Relations

Custom Website Development


“My check to MARKIT Group is my favorite check to write every month. Our sales improved 200 percent within six months.  I attribute that success to working with MARKIT Group. “

– Chad O’Connor, Owner

Fresh Fit Foods




“Nannette is a social media and event marketing guru. Her attention to detail and level of professionalism are unmatched.”

– Dan Ferguson




“Nannette is a smart, savvy industry leader that has the ability to identify a great idea and then execute it without hesitation. MARKIT Group is always on point, extremely timely in decisions and involved at a level that is impressive. MARKIT Group makes being an expert look easy and provides the strategic advice necessary for success!”

– Georgette Pascale, President and CEO

Pascale Communications, LLC

“I have worked with MARKIT Group for the last three years. The firm has been instrumental in growing and expanding my business since opening in Naples. MARKIT Group’s non-profit strategy has been a key aspect in my marketing plan and has proven to bring in new clients over and over again.  Nannette and her team not only provide us with an effective strategy, but their relationships in this town have been huge for our success”

- Joseph Wendt,

Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers




“We have grown from one location to five during our years with MARKIT Group. The MARKIT Group team is creative, innovate and results driven. We may not be MARKIT Group’s biggest client but we are always treated as if we are.”

– Jonathan Sigg, Owner
The Laser Lounge Spa




“The MARKIT Group team is the most innovative firm I've ever worked with. They delivered everything I needed from a creativity perspective, but their real value lies in their proactive approach and command of leveraging technology to help increase revenue."

- Shawn B. , Owner

Waterproof Charts

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