Delicious Meals Delivered to Your Door



Want to eat right in 2016? It’s never been easier (or tastier) than letting local chefs do the work for you.


By Dorothea Hunter Sönne


Blue Apron may have conquered the nation, but we’ve got one better in Southwest Florida. To help make resolutions stick well beyond the first few days of January—without compromising on taste—local chefs are cooking up meal plans and delivery services that bring healthy eating directly to your door. All operate in both counties, each meal comes in at no more than $15 and one-week trials are available throughout the year. All you need is a fridge, microwave (or stove) and voilà. Here’s how the top contenders stack up.





Chef-owner: Chad O’Connor


Plan set-up: 2 or 4 days per week with 1 or 2 deliveries per week


Meals available: Lunch and dinner; lunch only; dinner only


Specifics: Everything is gluten-free and dairy-free; there is a basic six-week rotating meal plan, plus plans for paleo, vegan and diabetic eating were released just before Christmas—as well as options to get “athlete”-sized portions or “family” dinners to include kids.


Organics? Not an emphasis; will occasionally be used


Vegetarian options? Yes, vegan


For further information:, (239) 595-2503




Chef-owner: Amber Phillips


Plan set-up: 3 or 5 days per week with 1 or 2 deliveries


Meals available: Breakfast, lunch and dinner; lunch and dinner; dinner only


Specifics: New menus are written each week for gluten-free and paleo plans; everything is dairy-free; and Phillips tries to follow a strict paleo format with grass-fed beef and wild-caught seafood.


Organics? Yes, predominantly used for all meats and produce


Vegetarian options? Not specifically stated, but Phillips will customize plans for vegetarians and those with food allergies


For further information:, (239) 595-3453




Chef-owner: Ana Howe


Plan set-up: Flexible—a “Secret Chef” menu with 5 entrees and 1 soup is written per week, and as long as 2 meals (they don’t have to be the same) are ordered 24 hours in advance, they will be delivered the following afternoon


Meals available: Dinner (however, items could be ordered for use at lunch, and Howe is also willing to work with clients to create lighter lunches for a slightly lower cost as long as at least two meals at a time are ordered)


Specifics: This is a highly flexible option for people who want chef-prepared, “clean” eating but are less concerned with following a strict diet.


Organics? Mostly organic, especially produce (all “dirty dozen” fruits and veggies are always organic)


Vegetarian options? Howe is considering having a set vegetarian or vegan option each week but hasn’t launched that yet—in the meantime she’s willing to tweak existing items based on clients’ needs.


For further information:, (239) 564-6540